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The headline of a memo sitting on the copier at work: CARROT AWARENESS.

Besides the obvious, what can that mean? Yes, I am aware of carrots. Should I be more so?

Now for sweet, sweet Punk and his cross-legged promo.

First off, I guess Steph has a new OTPCHATFICLOL rp buddy. YESDRIZELLA. Punk totally respects John Cena the most. Noone in teh back but him. It's just Cena being the best that makes him crazy, baby. The man pain and angst. Can Punk work through his jealousy or will it tear them apart.

I thought I was beyond caring, you know. I mean, I'M THE ONE WHO KEEPS WATCHING ALL THE DAMN TIME. I'm moar loyaler than everyone, Steph. Why must I always sit in this ditch with the rain and the bugs and loneliness. Geez.

Anyway, when Punk wasn't a puppet dancing for Steph and YesD, he was spewing some mighty fine Smark 101. Triple H and Steph rooned wrestling! Vince likes money! JOhnny Ace yells at people! Punk could live like a king in ROH. Colt Cabana is the most awesome thing ever.

(As a serious aside, Vince needs to get over his mortality issues. Vince dying doesn't make for compelling storytelling (see exploding limos, etc); Punk pondering a post-Vince WWE, only terrifies Vince)

Moe's one question during the promo: Why is he wearing a Stone Cold t-shirt?

Me: They're BFFs on Twitter!

I guess I'm too crabby and untrusting, and I know better than to give a damn so I didn't believe it was a shoot. Too scripted, too many of Vince's tics. But, Punk made it fun to watch. The dude can deliver serious cross-legged, pantless snark. And the mike cut-off followed by a black screen was an awesome closer.

Now, will it have a cool follow up?


Mar. 10th, 2010 06:03 pm
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Not cutting because [personal profile] wishtheworst needs to be exposed. And because I have to wait until Saturday to see it because our TiVo is busy recording Idol~GO SIOBHAN. SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND, and Never Ending Nonsense Moe's Into. Namely shows about about white dudes surviving in climates other people have been a)surving in just fine for centuries, or b)staying the fuck out of for good reason for centuries. Also Biggest Loser. Because of ALLISON. OMG ALLISON.

When I want to watch an out-of-shape, huffing Precious lose at athletic competitions, it's complaints complaints, complaints. But throw in Allison and 20 people with bad hair, and Moe's all for it. Smackdown has plenty of bad hair! Why can't that work for him? And at least my fatty used to be skinny and post naked pics of his hot self on the internet. Perhaps, Biggest Loser contestants have done this as well, but I am not about to Google Biggest Loser + Naked.

So anyway, while I was kept away, mice played. Mice named Steph and WishtheWorst. First of all, knowing I couldn't watch, they dressed J.Gabriel in a garter. AND THE INTERNET IS BEING A DICK BY NOT GIVING UP A SINGLE PICTURE. This is the boy who last week wore the white vinyl chiton from the not-so-accurate-but-who-cares sexy Roman past. I want that damn garter.

So they do that to me. Then. THEN. OMG THEN GUYS. It's all Jericho and his butler. Jericho has a butler. Isn't it funny that Jericho has a butler when Opera would like the EXACT OPPOSITE. Like, every year at Xmas, she pleads for fic about Jericho serving tea to Regal BUT WE GAVE A BUTLER TO JERICHO INSTEAD. OTPCHATFICLOL!l!11FTW! And we gave Regal Bizarro Stone Cold Steve Austin YIP YIP.

All this wasting of preciouii! I will not have it!
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If you're feeling wishy-washy on upgrading your TV, repeat after me: Shane Helms' dick in HD.

So, on ECW, Shane Helms (SOiMH uber heel) wrestled William Regal (face ne plus ultra). Helms wore his sleeveless duster (aka, The Coat That Wanted To Be A Mullet) and Regal wore a three-piece suit while wrestling.

Oh, to my fainting couch quickly. I have the vapors.
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What [personal profile] wishtheworst wants, WtW gets.

From the most recent Wrestling Observer: At Summerfestslam, Jim Ross, the Miz, Gail Kim, Show, and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley filmed a segment for the Food Network's Dinner Impossible that will air in November.

Meanwhile, I filmed another 3-hour super episode of Sitting In the Ditch, In the Rain.


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