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Urg. Car got smashed during an over-night hit and run. Walked out to it one morning. Insurance, fix, whatever. except that the repairs are taking forever, and I've largely been using Moe's car, and all this togetherness is burning away at my stand-others reserve.

Grr. Then last night, I was dropped off at my writings meeting, and I could see them sitting at our table, and I was like, I need a people break. So I went a couple of shops down and had me-time/dinner. And as I was leaving the shop, members of the group were roaming the strip mall looking for me. I should appreciate their concern, "We saw you arrive, but you didn't make it in..." but urg. Alone time please.
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I am way more entertained by the latest alt-right trend: drinking milk at people. Yeah, exactly what it says. They pick an urban, crowded area and they drink milk at people. 'cuz you know, only whites have the genetic superiority to handle lactose.

First, I always think of [livejournal.com profile] evilgmbethy and her hatred of dickwads and milk.

Second, I always picture those milky wonders have a girlfriend with whom they have a relationship that's somewhere between Pinky&theBrain and Back-in-the-day Dawn Marie & Lance Storm. Like Brayden McFascist Milksipper is chugging oh-so master(race)fully from his milk jug, and behind him and to his left, Kayla is shouting, "My man is a real, professional Ayran."
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Godspeed Superfly.
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This season, I have decided that the story behind the Grinch song is that Mr. Grinch is a dirty pig boy who pays for verbal humiliation from baritone sex workers.
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Dad Jericho just wanting QUIET for one goddamn minute is my new favorite non-ODB thing every.
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Godspeed Prince.

What a miserable day.
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Godspeed Chyna.
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one would think that wet, mostly shirtless Chris Hemsworth calling an equally wet and shirtless Cillian Murphy "Mr Joy" would a good movie make, but no.
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Pintrest just suggested boards about exterior siding.
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omg. Raw was loads of fun.
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Godspeed Dusty.

Raw 4/7

Apr. 7th, 2015 07:18 pm
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Seth Rollins in hooker boots.
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I was hoping Bray was going to drag off Dolph like so much ill-gotten booty.
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Merry Christmas!

Hope your 2014 was great, and that 2015 rocks your socks.
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Blue eyes are more than okay, now.

Carry on.
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Ugh, today's been a hot mess and I just barked at two campaign volunteers who showed up on my doorstep. Beyond the basic humanity fail, I tripped over one of my own lines in the sand: that treating the woman in front of you with respect and kindness is equally as important than learnin' everyone on yet another way women are getting shunted to the side.

Long, shameful story short. Two campaign volunteers come to our door, and want to speak with Moe, and I'm like "my opinion doesn't matter?" and the lady is like, "sure. but we want to speak with [Moe]."

and I'm like, so only the dude's voice from this house matters?

and she's all, his name is on our list.

Me *walks away*

So, now my day is still a hot mess, and I've got bonus self-made basic decency fail. Casual disregard of other people: I want to be better than that.
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The never-gonna-be-snapped-why-God-oh-why streak of the hippy lady always sitting next to me during writing classes continues. Other highlights:

The high-as-hell chick monotoning about catharsis
The dude in teeny-tiny, itty-bitty terry cloth jogging shorts
The woman who got super defensive when the instructor said "It sounds like you have a lot of fun with alliteration."
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Godspeed Sean
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Tumblr has a thing for Batista now, and I just want to run around screaming, "ICK NO EVERYONE. ICKY ICKY ICKY!"


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