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According to Subway, it is "Subtember". In celebration, write me some dirty, dirty fic.
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I was in Chicago last week for a work thing and I didn't catch Raw. And none of you bothered to say "OMG wigglepants Opera, Youtube Punk and Heyman's segment pronto! There's Handcuffed Punk getting smacked around by a shrieking Paul Heyman."
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First, a confession. I am a liar. YesD and I were discussing WIPs and inspiration and future projects. This led to me snarky about the amount of Cody!fic in wrestlefic. Cody Rhoades, ugh. I do not give two shits about Cody.

Or rather, didn't until this weekend when I found a stale-dated Smackdown hidden in a TiVo folder. Cody threatened to make Teddy wear a bag on his head if Teddy didn't win his next match. omguguys.

So now, my head has this big, awful Edwardian AU starring Teddy as a poor lad up from the village, at his first footman post, and Cody is the son of The Manor owner, and he's such a total shit. A weasley little turd, so deplorable nobody can stand him so he forces his company upon those who can't tell him to go away. I gave you the premise, go write the story. doit doit doit.

Anyway, Raw.

An ill, butterscotchy wind blew through San Jose last night. It howled with a semi-turgid fury. OTPCHATFICLOL!! OTPCHATFICLOL it seemed to screech, and low, beneath the wind, my bestie HHH could be heard to say, "All right, geez. All right."

As the gale subsided, HHH, careful to avoid eye contact with me, trudged out to the ring, bringing with him Super Dave Osbourne. First, he announces there's gonna be a new ref at Summerslam.

Me: Shawn Michaels in tiny reffing panties?

HHH: shhhhhh.

Me: Omg, Jericho in tiny reffing panties?

HHH: Op, shhhhh.

Me: omg, the Precious in tiny reffing panties, and you've made him stop drinking and tazing.

HHH: No. Me.

Me: Geez.

HHH: And now, I've decided totally on my own, without any badgering from anyone who wears a size twe--, to make two matches. Cena and Punk have to fight other people even though all they want to do be in the ring together.

Me: How come you switched out Morrison with Super Dave Osbourne?

HHH: Watch it, or next week I'll have to re-sign Edge.

Me: I'm gonna go eat a popsicle.

HHH: Look, Op. Raw is going proceed most Stephilly for the rest of the night. Mark Henry recap. Alex Riley still employeed. The awesomeness that is Vickie totally downplayed. Oh, I snuck in a few treats for ya: Ricardo, the ever-skulking butler, recap of remember that time R Truth slithered all over John Morrison, surprise!Christian. And trust me, the main even is going to seem a total OTPCHATFICLOL contract signing-- nothing but 25 minutes of Punk and Cena, Cena and Punk, Punk and Cena, but stick with it. It'll be awesome.

Me: Okay, bestie. For you.

How can Punk be so awesome with everything he says, and Cena be so after-school special preachy in everything he says, and it's the same conversation?
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This month's WWE mag has everyone in Revolutionary Timez rags. Sadly, it's only drawings, not actual hotties in actual costumes. But whatever. Porn is porn.
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http://malesubmissionart.com/ This lovely site was linked by Redfiona awhile back, and I'm re-speaking of it because its loveliness must be continually shared. (just a warning: superNSFW, and the hardcore stuff is right there next to the nearly pg-13 stuff. Also, the current page isn't as good as their usual stuff)

The site features both maledom and femdom. The femdom stuff is good, wigglepanty good. Which for me is awesomefrosting on top of awesomecake. I like the idea of femdom, but I don't often like femdom porn because in it the female comes off, to me anyway, as a prop for male pleasure. I know this is true in most porn, but somehow it seems more blatant and creepy when the "power exchange" isn't exchanging any power at all. On MSA, the pictures often have a definite someone's-in-control-here-and-it's-not-the-dude feel. Or perhaps, it's just my porn tastes are shallow, and femdom's usual cast of flabby middle-aged dudes and super-siliconed mistresses don't do it form like MSA's hot guys getting hot with hot chicks.

I surprised by how attracted I am to the PG-13ish pics. One of my fandom-based sources of anxieties is that I feel like I'm into much harder stuff than fandom (in general)is. I know this isn't as true as I fret over. My gore threshold is nil, I squick quickly and hard at underage. But, I persist in my thinking because most fanfic porn reads so dreadfully bland and lifeless. So to be so attracted to pictures that aren't hardcore in the least surprises me. I mean, I guess it goes back to something I once said about there being a difference between store-brand, corn syrup-laden shitty ingredient, cheap, vanilla-flavored ice cream and pure, rich, vanilla bean fleckled Hagen Daz. Pictures that show only a face, an expression partly obscured by shadows or hair or an about-to-be-used whip, WOW, worth way more than 1000 words of run-of-the-cliche' "hardcore" sex writing.

To close, GOATBELLY.
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Any day that begins with a gif of Jericho crawling on his hands and knees is a good one
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I'm catching up on ECW, and I v.v.v.v.v.v outraged no one told me about Koslov in the scary uniform and beret.


Sep. 3rd, 2008 08:40 pm
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What I like best about redtube is the no-nonsense naming of vids. Groupsex By a Piano. I love that the piano gets top billing.

Lately, Selinas/Ariel/Shelly M.'s boobs have me all crazy. Naked anywhere on the interwebs?


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