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Sorry to freak everyone out. Moe and I are fine. If Moe hadn't been so, I wouldn't have blogged about my stupid car!

Anyway, here's what happened. After our 12 millionth snow storm of the winter, I went outside to move my car (the city of Saint Paul tows away your car if you leave it where they want to plow). When I tried to spin a U, to park in the driveway, my car got stuck. Very unusual for my car, normally it's a little bulldog. I could turn the wheels or get any traction. Luckily, a neighbor towed my car closer to my garage and I was able to get in.

Fast forward to Monday morning, I get in my car to go to work. Backing out the garage is just fine, but when I go to steer, I have absolutely no power steering and my car feels as wobbly as Batista trying to do a top rope move. I parked it, and called a friend for a ride to work. A visit to the repair shop gave me the bad news: steering pump failed and took a bunch of other stuff with it, and basically the cost to repair all the damage it did is more than my precious little car is worth.

So bummed. Been looking at new cars, and right now the number one contenders are a Mini Cooper or a Ford Escape. Car payments: do not want.

Also, everyone go tell YesDrizella how awesome she is.
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Nothing like waking up to a series of "fuck you"s
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Well, I am not pleased with the idea of a heel Precious, but they made him get a haircut so I will hold my tongue. And while I am not a fan of his new look, which seems to be George Strait's old clothes, it is better than the old look which was David Byrne's old clothes.

Not terribly pleased with this "Black Cloud" deal either. Black Cloud, Angelic Diablo. Does he get his gimmicks from an emo Madlibs? The Dreary Squire, the Doomed Goatherd, the Beseeching Maestro, the Guilty Banshee, the Arty Hick.

This had better lead to an angle with Taker. It. Had. Better.


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