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I am way more entertained by the latest alt-right trend: drinking milk at people. Yeah, exactly what it says. They pick an urban, crowded area and they drink milk at people. 'cuz you know, only whites have the genetic superiority to handle lactose.

First, I always think of [livejournal.com profile] evilgmbethy and her hatred of dickwads and milk.

Second, I always picture those milky wonders have a girlfriend with whom they have a relationship that's somewhere between Pinky&theBrain and Back-in-the-day Dawn Marie & Lance Storm. Like Brayden McFascist Milksipper is chugging oh-so master(race)fully from his milk jug, and behind him and to his left, Kayla is shouting, "My man is a real, professional Ayran."
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Too tl:dr for you? Fags and women are ruining church for the cool, hip males! Wah!

The poor males, denied hearing the word because they were too lazy or too "cool, hip" or too not interested or too watching football or too asleep from staying up all night playing Rock Band, too whatever reason, I don't care women and their wussified version Jesus are lamers.

How about going to a place of worship and showing a little faith because it's something that isn't only about you? How about showing you have the basic brain power and the minimal amounts of compassion and empathy necessary to comprehend that not everything said or believed or repeated by the other 6 billion beings on the planet has to totally jive with your little life?


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