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Tumblr has a thing for Batista now, and I just want to run around screaming, "ICK NO EVERYONE. ICKY ICKY ICKY!"
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Even though I loved Inglorious Basterds, I've stayed the Hell away from any online fan discussion because I knew if I saw any Shoshanna/Fredrick shipping I would flip my lid.

It has shown up on Fandom!secrets and there's a comm for it.

Le Ment.
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So I wasn't going to do it. Wasn't going to look up Melusine fanfic because I'm only halfway through the last book and I didn't want to get spoiled the main strength of the book is the clever writing (gossip ferments, and the made-up "mikkary" is awesome) which fanfic rarely delivers on, but curiosity got the best of me.

Sigh. Stupid curiosity.

The fanfic started out with Felix apologizing for a coughing fit. "I'm sorry," he says. And then there is whole run of "Don't be", "But I am", "No, you can't help it", "I'm so sorry" dialogue. Books 2, 3, and 4's wangst subplot hinges on Felix's inability to apologize for anything ever. FOR ANYTHING EVER. Are we reading the same damn series?
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Mr. McMahon/The Geico Money Creature. Really? Really Anonymous Kink meme? Really?

Am I missing the whole goddamn anonymous point by getting supremely irritated and posting about it? Am I violating the safe-placeness of the whole idea--- is there any difference between outrage at this and outrage at golden showers and/or outrage at one of my precious kinks?

I'm also wankily disappointed that 75% of the comments aren't stories or requests, just "Zomg, its so obvious who U R, lol." The mod has had to make additional posts, explaining the esoteric concepts of "anonymous" and "kink", and reminding one and nearly all that "anonymous" and "kink" are necessary components of a kink meme.

Geez, fandom, geez.
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So I filled a request for the wrestling kink meme (http://community.livejournal.com/meme_power/4701.html) and I feel kind of out-of-sorts about it.

The writing's not so great. Some stuff I did to "disguise" my writing--- not that anyone over there knows me anyway, but I thought a little disguising was part of the fun.

Moreso than the writing was the content. Maybe I'm putting too much of my own experiences with wants and frustrations into this, and maybe the OP isn't anywhere as picky and fussy as I am, but, I can't help feeling like I ignored the implied aspects of the request.

The OP requested cross-dressing, and I delivered it. But, you know how fandom (usually) thinks, and I'm pretty sure she wanted the bottom cross-dressing, and I wrote the top as the one in drag.

I wanked before about how stuff that comes close to one's kinks but misses is more disappointing than badfic. I feel like I delivered the equivalent of Taker/M. Hardy with M. Hardy sobbing through the whole thing while Taker plans their wedding.

I don't know. *I* like the story (well the idea. The writing shames me), but kink memes reallly aren't about the author. I feel bad.

You decide

Feb. 28th, 2009 09:36 am
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I shit bolt up right

[ ] Funniest typo ever.

[ ] This is how a beta helps.

[ ] Can't figure out the mechanics of that.
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Another code from the Precious, 4192213 71922 18137229132615 21189228 796152 261323 2412131322247, 719267 1122981213 4181515 2522 922241811912242000000 418719 1412922 1512522 261323 17122 7192213 719222 225229 1814262018132220 11128818251522

and this one is notable for many things.

a)its general HUH. The solution is: When the internal fires truly and connect that person will be reciprocy with more love and [joy] then they ever [imagined] possibly.

b)zomg mixed up then/than. Precious!


d)the code actually grants that person more love and joe than they ever imaging.


f) Possibly. They could have imagined that much, I guess. I'm not saying they haven't because it's entirely possible they have and I don't want to spread it around that they haven't, because they could have.

g) maybe "possible" was meant?



Aug. 24th, 2008 09:38 pm
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Steph wears size 12 AND A HALF )

ETA: Unrelated to Smackdown. Merely, fic-bitching. Not only has the sobbing continued and the boning gone MIA but now they are off to damn France. What is it with France cockblocking all the fanfic?
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You must read the info first. It will hurt your brain, but the textual lobotomy will be worth it for the lawls it adds to a video already chockful. I dare you not snorfle yourself silly at the 1:08 mark. Do not miss HBK prancing to vengeance at 1:59.

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Crying jags 4
Boning 0
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Crying jags: 2
Boning: 0

Also, if there is supposed to be dickhead tyrant ruining all the face!characters lives by boning them shouldn't the story feature said ruining by said boning of said faces by said dickhead?
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When WishTheWorst wanted nothing more than simple fanfic boning, and the badfic purveyors teased her with tourist tracts and broken promises, oh I laughed. Laughed and laughed and laughed.

But I was not laughing last nor best!

For lo, a fic came about. Promising Eli/W. Belichick non-connery, no less. Chapters upon chapters of this AU, I have read, and the Eli/Belichick =naught. Tis only a fic of Tom Brady oft sobbing, and Tony Duke of Baloney scribing letters about dead grandpapas. UPON WHERE IS THE BONING THOU SPOKEST OF IN THY DISCLAIMER?


Jun. 15th, 2008 08:33 pm
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InsaneSnake's stories read like Haikus of DarkDaria's stuff.


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