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I was in Chicago last week for a work thing and I didn't catch Raw. And none of you bothered to say "OMG wigglepants Opera, Youtube Punk and Heyman's segment pronto! There's Handcuffed Punk getting smacked around by a shrieking Paul Heyman."
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Dean's fashion choices are still lamentable. However, Daddyissues!Punk gives me ALL THE WIGGLEPANTS.
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William Regal‏@RealKingRegal:

My heart's twitching like a bunny's nose.
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He told Colt Cabana to "Behave yourself"
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-Ahhhhh. Limping John Morrison vs. battle scarred Punk. So many crotch-centric pinnings. So much kneeling. So much wigglepants.

-Punk called Young Randall "Randall".

-Undertaker/Triple H mime-off? If only Cena had used that gimmick. Eef.

-Sign: Cena is a fat ass bowl of Fruity Pebbles.
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Jericho's Twitter: Just saw morrisons DVD in the bargain bin at value village. Couldn't bring myself to drop the 49 cents...

The thought of Jericho in a Valu Village gives me wigglepants.


Dec. 11th, 2009 09:52 pm
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Morrison in leather straps, a kilt and sandals. YES I WILL.

ETA: Not one single pic on the whole of the internet. Whatthefuckdudes?
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I have wee peppers in my garden. So cute.

Erg. I took a long walk today (still cookin' the 90s) and I never got a good wash of sweat going, just a slimy film. Plus, because I had stirfry at lunch I'm a dehydrated, puffy, blob of salt.

ok. What is it about Randy Orton in peril? 99.99% of the time, he's a butterface at best, bag-shitter at worst. But that 00.01% of the time when he's in deep shit and knows it? Luscious beyond descriptive squeeing. Remember me getting all wigglepanted when JBL bullied Randy in the lockerroom, and Randy was all *gaspgaspgasp.can't catch breath.staring exhaustedly at JBL while the look in his eyes said 'I'll protect my belt until I die'*? Same shit on Monday night. Beaten down Randy (in clingy clothing to boot! YUM)gets waylaid by Hunter in the parking, same oh-shit-too-exhausted-to-fight-but-i'll-go-down-trying look, same warily watching his attacker out of the corner of his eye. Wiggle.Pants.

Geez, loins, geez.
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Jericho and Shane Helms are making sausage jokes on twitter. It's a Soap Opera In My Head flashback scene.

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I'm catching up on ECW, and I v.v.v.v.v.v outraged no one told me about Koslov in the scary uniform and beret.
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GIANTS WON. Eat it, Baloney Romo!

And to celebrate, Google brought up this search response for me: [Eli] is still shy and obedient and unlikely, if ever, to chew out a teammate.



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