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Super underwhelming, and it cut a ton of really, really cool stuff from the story. Bleh.

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Feb. 9th, 2012 05:19 pm
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Why is it when whenever you walk into the bathroom at work, and discover that a co-worker has left you a bowl of goodness, that shit is never normal. Today's batch was swamp algae, green and free-floating. It's like, Damn, do you live on mosquitos?
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Michelle Bachman , 6th District? Really? Really?
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John Cena's vision for the future includes robot butlers. Robot butlers. I say the Hell with that, and the Hell with John Cena.
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So I wasn't going to do it. Wasn't going to look up Melusine fanfic because I'm only halfway through the last book and I didn't want to get spoiled the main strength of the book is the clever writing (gossip ferments, and the made-up "mikkary" is awesome) which fanfic rarely delivers on, but curiosity got the best of me.

Sigh. Stupid curiosity.

The fanfic started out with Felix apologizing for a coughing fit. "I'm sorry," he says. And then there is whole run of "Don't be", "But I am", "No, you can't help it", "I'm so sorry" dialogue. Books 2, 3, and 4's wangst subplot hinges on Felix's inability to apologize for anything ever. FOR ANYTHING EVER. Are we reading the same damn series?
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So, I finally got my hands on a copy of Blue Light. It's an Aaron Travis short story and it's supposed to be omg!bestpR0n ever.

Mor lyk, best pR0N never. Squicked me in a way I thought only Dark Daria and her fic about Lita masturbating immediately after childbirth could. The story featured generic leatherboy moving into kooky house owned by KOOOOOKY guy. Turns out KG is a teh_mystical. (I pictured Criss Angel. Your teh-mystical may vary). Criss Angel is enough to kill anyone's boner, but I read on, it's Travis, man, and supposedly his greatest story ever.

Kooky Criss has the power to seperate parts from the body without blood or gore or death. A blue mystic glow accompanies this ability. Anyway, Leather Boy gets tangled up with Criss and at first there's okay sex, then the body parts start flying. First goes the head. BEHEADING IS NOT SEXY. Criss gets himself some oral from the head. JAZZ HANDS OF HORROR. HEAD FROM A BODYLESS HEAD IS NOT SEXY. Then. THEN. Then Leather boy's dick is loosened from its mortal moorings, and it's used to buttlove Leather Boy. No having anymore sex, plz, with ur severed body parts. Also no more typing about it, Mr. Travis.


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