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Tumblr has a thing for Batista now, and I just want to run around screaming, "ICK NO EVERYONE. ICKY ICKY ICKY!"
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Super underwhelming, and it cut a ton of really, really cool stuff from the story. Bleh.
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Matt Hardy's been released by TNA. A teeny part of me is huffy---Jeff is still employed by them. But the rest of me, meh. Quit drinking and being a dick and believing that middle-aged dudes imitating Jackass scenarios is anything but incredibly lame. Yes, I used an abstract adjective, that's how lame-o it is. Oh, the annoying Tweets that will come of this. MATT HARDY WILL BE BETTER THAN EVER. MANY THINGS ARE FALLING INTO PLACE STAY TUNED FOR MANIC FEEL GOOD BLAH BLAH BLAH UNTIL I FALL OFF THE WAGON AGAIN. Less Tweeting, moar being pretty and decent again. Thx.

Next appearance, Celebrity Rehab.
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Bridesmaids )

In terrible trailer news, The Help was made into movie. Thank Goodness someone figured out how to make the civil rights movement all about wealthy white people. True empowerment comes from buying mini-skirts while thinking about how much weight your former best friend has gained.
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I watched A Clockwork Orange on Thursday. Maybe I'm interpeting it wrong, or maybe I'm reacting exactly as I'm supposed to; I'm surprized by my disgust with it. Alex, the main character, rapes two women to death, beats people weaker than him, and sponges off his folks. This is presented as v. terrible, tsk tsk. Then, while in prison he's given aversion therapy (which he volunteered for to get out of prison earlier), one of the side-effects is that he gets sick when hearing his favorite song, and it's like WHERE HAVE WE GONE WRONG AS A CIVILIZATION OH NOES.

The whole second act of the film is poor, poor Alex conditioned to not fight back. His parents have a new life and have rented his room out (because you know, their son who lied and sponged off of them has been sentenced to prison for 40 years for raping and killing an elderly woman), and I guess, I'm supposed to feel bad that they won't let him live with them anymore. Outcast and on the streets Alex then gets beat up over and over by chance encounters with people from his past (it felt sort of Charles Dickens-y). When he was the one given the beatings, it was glorified. When he gets beat, it's all isn't it a pity he can't fight back. Wasn't it a pity the eldery woman he raped to death fought back tooth and nail, and it wasn't enough.

Then, in the end, his "cure" is reversed to avoid bad publicity, and he gets to get off on raping again. Yay?

Too bad, "you and your droogs are committing the old ultra-violence" isn't as pithy as omg~edgy, or I'd have a new sarcastic catchphrase.
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Conspiracy theory of the week: After listening to yet another Michelle Bachman crazy diatribe/Tea Party takin' back America/massive fuck up, I have decided that the Tea Party is a Republican conspiracy. Let's put a bunch of silly-sounding women with under-developed, over-conservative notions on TV. They can spout stupid alarmist shit. Then a)if it backfires, we can quickly insert calm, business-like men in there who will look so middle-of-roady and electable or b)the people want MOAR crazy; we are listening to true Americans unlike those liberal elite.

Bachman's history/geography gaff. Tell me they don't have speech writers double-checking that shit. I mean, I am so not a Bachman apologist. I cannot stand the woman, and the sooner she retires from politics, the better off everyone will be. But, seriously, I swear that gaff was done on purpose to make someone else--I haven't decided who-- look better.
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That's enough, Shannon Moore. I don't know, okay. I have no idea which facial expression you exhibit while giving or not giving a fuck (though I imagine it's as slack-jawed and blank as all your other looks) so please cease your caterwaul of "DILLIGAF".

Book review:Odd Girl Out

Weeks after having read this, I'm still too aksdfjalskdjasldjf to review it beyond bullet points.

*I read this from a fannish perspective. Fandom is my main source of chick-sans-male interaction. Excuse the breaking of Snaky's Law here, but the unspoken social rules of fandom follow the ones discussed in OGO to a rather gross T.

* Odd Girl Out is not without flaws. The sole chapter on poor/non-white girls felt tacked on and inauthentic. The author, Rachel Simmon, assumes every girl has the same goal: popularity. And that popularity is one static notion. Both in r/l and in fandom, I think popularity is certainly coveted, but there are populations of girls who want to be popular because of something, being the best (fanwriter or artist) for example, rather than just generically popular.

(here is where I would wank about girls who have a hobby or interests are less likely to become trapped by girl-bullies because they aren't soley dependent on friends and relationships for their feelings of self-worth, but I'm trying to keep this short because lj attention spans are small and I have much asdfjlaksdjfkdsfskldfj to get through)

*the alternative aggression tactics girls use (shunning, two-facedness, ranking friendships) are appalling easy to use online. The concept of shunning, I feel, is an underlying reason why feedback or its lack is such a volatile issue. To not leave feedback is a potent double-whammy. Not only does the creative expression of a women get denied, but she, herself, gets denied. She is not even worthy of a duty feedback. Her friendship is one of low-standing. She is definitly not a "friend outside of fandom".

*Women tend to hide behind socially acceptable aggressions and blame the victim. I'm not about defend wank (or conveniently forget I like to point and laugh too), but a lot of wank starts because the wanker felt slighted and said something about it. Again, I realize that most wankers engage in enough additional poor behaviour to cancel any goodwill, but it's sort of sad to realize that buried in the mocking of a wanker's outrageous behaviour is a wee bit of additonal mocking that she went unglued and wanky while we were able to able to cram down our disappointments and "play nice" Out of all the terrible behaviour in fandom, only wanking has words: spechul snowflake, princess, etc to fling around. Just the idea of being accused of being a spechul snowflake is enough to keep women from speaking up.

Odd Girl Out talks a lot about women lacking training in expressing minor annoyances. Girls should be cheerful (but not annoyingly so) and willing (but not easy, you know). So we cram a lot of annoyances downdowndown, then explode either when we can't hold back or, more often, when we get a socially acceptable reason to do so. Along those lines, it's interesting to see how much dirt comes out once some one gets labeled as wanky. It's fun, sure. I'm in it as much as anyone. But, I think, at least some of the reason for that stuff suddenly surfacing is because it's okay, for the time being, to talk shit about someone. We don't have to play nice.

*OGO contains lists made by girls of the Ideal Girl and the anti-Girl, and it's startling how much of the anti-girl list is the stuff a woman can get lectured over in fandom. Anti-girls are professional. Think of all the posts that scream about Grammar Nazis and it's just for fun. Anti-girls are excessively cheerful (fanbratz, she's just in it for the squee) Anti-girls are opinionated. Wank ground zero, all the fandom!secrets about everyone liking X, but I like Y. Anti-girls are not skinny (Steph wears a size 12 jokes).


May. 7th, 2009 05:02 pm
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M. Hardy out-assholed himself in his latest "keyboarding". Each sentence found new ways to disappoint me. He calls himself a Martyr.

I guess because he sacrifices himself? Too many wrestlers (matt included)buy into this idea too much, and I'm becoming disillisioned by it. We (wrestling fans) buy into this myth because wrestlers are our heroes and because the spirit of the idea is true, and anyone with an ounce of empathy is going to feel a twinge or more when thinking of how much a wrestler's body gets trashed and how they're never home.

But we ignore that it's something they've chosen and the majority of them receive more than enough compensation (and I'm not speaking solely of money here. Lots of things can fulfill an ego). And I'm tired of the angsty specialness they attach to it. How many poor suckers are injured in crappy warehouse accidents? How many people working a disgusting 6.15 an hour clerk job at a convenience store get shot in robberies? I'm not trying to belittle the pain wrestlers endure, and I'm not trying to build a debate over who's agony is teh_worstevar. My point is wrestlers aren't the only ones with painful jobs, and they get far more compensation (financial and otherwise) than Average Joe.

Maybe it's because I'm one of the "keyboarders" being mocked, but I resent wrestler's attitude toward internet fandom. I get where they're coming from; I agree most smarks/pundits are idiots, assholes or both. I am frustrated by how righteous wrestlers feel in attacking them. Other athletes get their performances critiqued on news shows, in newspapers, in magazines. ESPN and Sports Illustrated may not be high art, but they are respected in their genres. The shit that gets said about other athletes is 1254774x worse, and it's accepted much more often as a valid assessment (rather an opinion).

And, lamely (really, really, lamely) I think I could have laughed off/ignored most of this, if in the rest of the post, Matt hadn't come off as a)petty as fuck, b)whiney, c)petty as fuck, d) spoiled brat, e) petty as fuck, f)epic flounc-y, g)petty as fuck, h)crazy, the for real kind, i) petty as fuck.

He gets laid a lot, but still uses the word "manhood" earnestly. Whether he means his dick or his machismo Idk;dc. Bragging about pussy and talking shit about people from high school. On the Internet. Grow up, Matt. Geez.

also what is this "off the leash" nonsense? You book yourself worse than Steph does. And if anyone wants to write cruel fic about M. Hardy and his Superiors, go right ahead. My fangirling needs the aid. meepies


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