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Urg. Car got smashed during an over-night hit and run. Walked out to it one morning. Insurance, fix, whatever. except that the repairs are taking forever, and I've largely been using Moe's car, and all this togetherness is burning away at my stand-others reserve.

Grr. Then last night, I was dropped off at my writings meeting, and I could see them sitting at our table, and I was like, I need a people break. So I went a couple of shops down and had me-time/dinner. And as I was leaving the shop, members of the group were roaming the strip mall looking for me. I should appreciate their concern, "We saw you arrive, but you didn't make it in..." but urg. Alone time please.
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I so wanted to post a blog at work yesterday: To Hell with this. Let's get ice cream.

The weather has been gorgeous, and I've been outside playing. Tich of a tan, to boot.

Real life is still being real-lifey. I've about had it. I've also had it with other people's attitudes about it. I hate the notion that doing something by yourself = has no life, while doing that same exact thing with someone, in particular a partner = OMG REAL LIFE. Or that me writing (aka being creative) = no life because I do it by myself, yet going with a group of people to a theatre to passively consume media =OMG REAL LIFE.

I dunno. I guess this is residue from my childhood as a weirdo in a small town. Growing up, my choices for entertainment often times came down to seeing movie A which I wasn't really interested in but the other kids wanted to see, or movie B which I really, really wanted to see but no one else did. I learned real quick that if I wanted to see or do stuff I wanted, I'd have to do them alone.

I'm super offended by the recent streak of "Get a life old fans" on Fandom Secrets. It's not that I don't believe widening one's world is a good thing (if anything, more exercize!), but the message isn't Go Out And Find The World On Your Own; it seems to be instead: Get Married and Have Babies.

Which, again, marriage (I LOVE MOE LOTS AND LOTS) and babies aren't terrible things either, unless that marriage and those babies are your entire life. I have friends who became that way and it's scary. No hobbies, no nothing else to fall back on, these people get hypersensitive about every aspect of their partner and their kids. Their lives dwindle down to Dora repeats and trips to the grocery store.

It would drive me nuts if Moe placed his entire sense of self on me. I doubt Moe would want the burden of me on him 24/7. I don't get this urge by society to do just that.


Now, wrestling!

Naked Matt Stryker. Yummo and NSFW: http://www.tabloidprodigy.com/?p=2322#more-2322

Each Monday I wish more and more that M.Hardy had stayed on Smackdown. SD is a trillion times better and 100% Batista free. Even if he is still on probation (Twitter will likely extend this), I want him in storylines with a soon returning Taker

Kennedy got fired. I liked him lots when he first showed up. The Roid Hypocrisy soured me on him. He kept getting injured, they made him a face and I couldn't be assed to care. Good luck in The Mick Foley Is Angry And Judgemental About Yet Another Person's Behavior Variety Hour(s) TNA.

A co-worker I don't particularily care for got a promotion. I have decided to think of it as a "pro-mo"tion. This helps me deal kindly with the fact that she will be nearby all the time which is wretched because she has a super, annoying voice.


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