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First off, the butler has been deported.

Second off, I feel like wanking about last night's Raw. That stoopid stip where any wrestler who touched a NXTy would be suspended, and that's what kept everything from going to fisticuffs? Really? Really Steph? Really?

Because M. Hardy hasn't been blowing off a suspension handed to him from Vince for the past month? Because all the faces value a paycheck over doing the right thing? Austin would have taken the suspension. Foley would have taken the suspension. Al Snow would have taken the suspension. U CANT SUSPEND US ALL RITE!

I think it's a true sign of how truly fuxxored WWE is that during all these beatdowns, not a single chant for a face (or heel) has erupted. Way too go, E.
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Too much TV. Must.Stop.Watching. TiVo is like a pusher, making it too easy. No more TV.
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My Wrestlemania plans crapped out, so being too cheap to shell out the 55 bucks for myself, I missed it. :(

Anyway. Raw: stuff that happened the next day )


Mar. 10th, 2010 06:03 pm
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Not cutting because [personal profile] wishtheworst needs to be exposed. And because I have to wait until Saturday to see it because our TiVo is busy recording Idol~GO SIOBHAN. SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND, and Never Ending Nonsense Moe's Into. Namely shows about about white dudes surviving in climates other people have been a)surving in just fine for centuries, or b)staying the fuck out of for good reason for centuries. Also Biggest Loser. Because of ALLISON. OMG ALLISON.

When I want to watch an out-of-shape, huffing Precious lose at athletic competitions, it's complaints complaints, complaints. But throw in Allison and 20 people with bad hair, and Moe's all for it. Smackdown has plenty of bad hair! Why can't that work for him? And at least my fatty used to be skinny and post naked pics of his hot self on the internet. Perhaps, Biggest Loser contestants have done this as well, but I am not about to Google Biggest Loser + Naked.

So anyway, while I was kept away, mice played. Mice named Steph and WishtheWorst. First of all, knowing I couldn't watch, they dressed J.Gabriel in a garter. AND THE INTERNET IS BEING A DICK BY NOT GIVING UP A SINGLE PICTURE. This is the boy who last week wore the white vinyl chiton from the not-so-accurate-but-who-cares sexy Roman past. I want that damn garter.

So they do that to me. Then. THEN. OMG THEN GUYS. It's all Jericho and his butler. Jericho has a butler. Isn't it funny that Jericho has a butler when Opera would like the EXACT OPPOSITE. Like, every year at Xmas, she pleads for fic about Jericho serving tea to Regal BUT WE GAVE A BUTLER TO JERICHO INSTEAD. OTPCHATFICLOL!l!11FTW! And we gave Regal Bizarro Stone Cold Steve Austin YIP YIP.

All this wasting of preciouii! I will not have it!
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So, I'm batting around the teeniest-tiniest speck of plot. And the big question I'm dealing with right now (other than is this more than a speck, will this become a real story?) is that the protag is a nasty individual. Super-duper nasty, and I'm unsure if nasty can be tolerated for a plotty story.

The nasty doesn't really aid the plot, it's just Kinky Goodness For Opera's Sake. I have no desire to reform the character or lessen the nasty, and I worry that Nasty suddenly taking time-off from nasty-doing in order to solve a mystery might seem a little OOC.

After thinking on that, I considered using one of Nasty's victims as the protag. Makes for interesting complications or, at least, sympathetic ones, to have victim dealing with Nasty and The Mystery.

But, Victim doesn't have a whole lot of power to act. I tried writing that idea before with The King. It was a big fat failure turtle. And, now I'm super navel-gazey about why I'm drawn to suppressed characters.

Maybe futility does it for me? It's funny/depressing to consider that one of my favorite story dealies is Character Who Tries Hard Yet Fails, and fanfic is full of Character Who Does Nothing And Gets Rescued.

I'm happy to be thinking plot again.

Now for stuff totally unrelated to writing.

Ballerina porn on kink.com. Thanks Kink Fairy!

Moe and I were watching The Biggest Loser, and they were showing a contestant's new skinny-happy life. She was crowing about her SIZE 12 WEDDING GOWN OMG. And, I was all "BAHahahahahahaha", and Moe wanted to know what cracked me up.

Me: That's what size we say Stephanie McMahon wears. BAHahahahahahhaha.
Moe: I don't get it.
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List 5 storylines that were never really resolved to your satisfaction.


Okay, I'll just stick to recent stuff.

5. Just about everything on TNA right now. MEM/Frontline should be the stuff of my wildest plotty dreams. I adore revolts against the establishment, I adore wrestling stables, I adore over-riding plots affecting the whole show and every character. I want to love this storyline, and I can't because it sucks. There is zero division by right/wrong between the characters--in fact, the faces are generally the ones stealing, wielding knives, and bragging. MEM gets way too much "pro-mo" time, and not enough sekrit meeting time. Seriously, none of them care that Joe's been putting a knife to Steiner's throat? Steiner hasn't brought it up? I hate lethal weapons in wrestling anyway. It can be used, so there's no pay-off. Also, Don West grosses me out. There, I said it.

4. Hardy vs. Hardy. This round. Admittedly, I've never like any of their fueds. It always involves random Matt heelturn. I like him as a face, ok. Much like Samoa Joe's knife, I don't want Jack, the dead dog, brought into this. I can't get behind the notion that Jeff once having pinned Matt, will feel better about his dog, house, and accidents.

Lamely, I think I would be wigglepants if the roles were reversed (and there wasn't any dead pets). TNA is taking a favorite story-type and bungling it. Hardy vs. Hardy is taking a favorite story-type and doing the exact opposite of what I want. Jerks.

3. Randy/Triple H/Steph. This was going along well enough. Until last week. Randy had to come out and give some dumb speech about dropping the charges on Hunter "because [he] wants to take care of him [himself]". How fucking dumb. Seriously. First of all, cowardly heels would want their opponents in jail, am i rite!?!?!? Second, why not have surprize!Hunter show up, with sledgehammer, and commence to beating, and when Randy, half-beaten, gaspes "How did you get here?", Hunter snarls, "I made bail." GET IT BECAUSE HIS WIFE'S DADDY HAS A LOT OF MONEY.

One word, one small word wrestling audiences are v. familar with, and your plot doesn't lose steam, your faces look strong, your heel gets outwitted.

2. John Cena spilling about Vickie and Show's affair. Like TNA, this storyline has a super-fucked up notion of right/wrong. Cena has been 100% pure asshole through the whole thing. He got his match, why did he have to be a chatty Cathy and spill Vickie's business. And that explanation about your "friends" discovering the security footage? Creepy.

1. The Beautiful People. I LOVED THEM. They were mean, they were snarky (I only like to throw up when I'm trying to get below 100 pounds), they were perfect. Then the Sarah Palin thing happened, and kept happening. Weeks and weeks of dumbdumbdumb happening. I can't watch it anymore.
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We had a lovely run of 20-degree days, and I was like "Winter coat, I cast thee off! To Hell with ye damnable mittens and socks! Clogs and sneaker and other shoes of impratical natures come forth and rejoice with me for the snows are receding and the world is ours!"

Then lo, winter returned with all its butterscotchy and semi-turgid fury. O' Winter, thy name is Steph.

Raw is Blah )
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So WWE is running with the dog-killa, arsonist angle for M. Hardy. My well of rage is more bottomless than Steph's appetite for Awesome Blossoms.

Semi-turgid Cocks!
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Colt's been cut.

Ricky "cumrag" Ortiz still has a job. The Edgeheads still have a job. Mike Knox, Tiffany, Candace, assorted others who I am too enraged to think of have jobs.

Yet, Colt is gone. WHY.


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