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-Oh how the Preciouii have fallen. They walk upon barren earth and feel only bitter winds and endless thirst. Misery and defeat chafe their spirits. My adoring gaze is the kiss of death. Sorry Matt, Jerky, Eli.

-I have lost my writing self-esteem. I hate my writing so fucking much. I reread it, and all I see is UR TRYIN 2 FUKIN HARD DUMB SMELLY DOUCHEFACE GO SMELL BADD SUMWHERE ELSE. I wish I knew, if the stuff I write and they way I write it and the goals/aims I have in writing the way I do are ever going to pan out. I don't mind wrong turns and taking the long the way; it'
s dead ends I fear.

-My life is blessed, right? Because these are my problems.
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Went to the dentist to have some work done on the tooth next to the tooth that broke. First they made of mold of area by squirting foamy "material" into my teeth. Gross, but doable. Then the assistant said "Okay, one more of a slightly bigger area." She filled my whole mouth and the foamy stuff expanded and I couldn't breathe and my heart started going a million beats a second and I went dead cold and the assistant sniped at me "If we take it out now we'll have to do it again and it won't be any better for you!" NEVER AGAIN WILL THERE BE DENTAL FOAM IN MY MOUTH EVER.

Moe and I went on a gift card bender today. I brought a bookshelf from Pier One, and I was super giddy over the whole deal. I saw it before Christmas. At 400 bucks it was out of my willingness-to-pay-400-bucks price range. I asked for Pier One giftcards, but sadly my post-Christmas take of P1 giftcarfs only totaled $100. We stopped in to see what 100 bucks would get us, and YAY the bookshelf was on clearance for $249.00. So we bought it and a ball that when you squeeze it bloody bugs come out.

I also bought 7-dollar pants at the Lands End Outlet, a pair of running shorts, and a cd (Crooked Still-- Still Crooked). Moe got a NorthFace jacket and a workshirt. We ate lunch at Ruby Tuesday and it was super gross. You're welcome, US economy.

SD At first I didn't think Beth was wearing shoes )
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Steph smells like she has an onion under her armpit.


Aug. 24th, 2008 09:38 pm
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Steph wears size 12 AND A HALF )

ETA: Unrelated to Smackdown. Merely, fic-bitching. Not only has the sobbing continued and the boning gone MIA but now they are off to damn France. What is it with France cockblocking all the fanfic?


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