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No, No. The ghost didn't make you crash your car.

Taken to the hospital for falling trippin'

How could I have ever called you M. Hardy? Geez.
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I watched A Clockwork Orange on Thursday. Maybe I'm interpeting it wrong, or maybe I'm reacting exactly as I'm supposed to; I'm surprized by my disgust with it. Alex, the main character, rapes two women to death, beats people weaker than him, and sponges off his folks. This is presented as v. terrible, tsk tsk. Then, while in prison he's given aversion therapy (which he volunteered for to get out of prison earlier), one of the side-effects is that he gets sick when hearing his favorite song, and it's like WHERE HAVE WE GONE WRONG AS A CIVILIZATION OH NOES.

The whole second act of the film is poor, poor Alex conditioned to not fight back. His parents have a new life and have rented his room out (because you know, their son who lied and sponged off of them has been sentenced to prison for 40 years for raping and killing an elderly woman), and I guess, I'm supposed to feel bad that they won't let him live with them anymore. Outcast and on the streets Alex then gets beat up over and over by chance encounters with people from his past (it felt sort of Charles Dickens-y). When he was the one given the beatings, it was glorified. When he gets beat, it's all isn't it a pity he can't fight back. Wasn't it a pity the eldery woman he raped to death fought back tooth and nail, and it wasn't enough.

Then, in the end, his "cure" is reversed to avoid bad publicity, and he gets to get off on raping again. Yay?

Too bad, "you and your droogs are committing the old ultra-violence" isn't as pithy as omg~edgy, or I'd have a new sarcastic catchphrase.
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It's crazy how often my reaction to a secret is usually 180 from the reactions of those who reply to it. Like, 05 from yesterday. My reaction whatev, Anon. You don't get pats and cookies for failing a Big Bang. Also, sorry about ur damn fever. Unwankfully, the replies were sincere or mod-protecting. I wanted jokes about the "Mother of All Headaches"
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Corn pudding turned out very well. As did the turkey and brussel sprouts with bacon. Nothing mediocre impeded our gluttony.

And speaking of food, I read something that made me very grumble-faced. Anthony Bourdain said this about Rachel Ray: But she genuinely offends me... When Rachael tells you that it's perfectly O.K. to buy prechopped onion from the supermarket... I mean, how hard is it to chop an onion?

On the surface, yeah I agree. You're paying about 3x more for the product pre-chopped, and onions are an aromatic. That lovely smell-factor diminishes every second they sit around unused.

But, otoh, so fucking what. If someone is buying prechopped onions, he or she is likely doing some kind of homecooking. Even if she's just topping a hot dog, that's a far better option than cruising through a drive-thru for dinner.

Also, there's a whole mess of circumstances involved. I've never bought prechopped onions, but I hit up the in-store salad bar and buy pre-sliced peppers all the time. The salad bar is a great lunch option. It also works for when I need just a few slices or tablespoons of something, and I don't want to pay for a huge chunk. The pre-sliced peppers work great because for a little extra, I can get a variety of peppers: green, red, orange and yellow. If I were to buy four whole peppers, Moe and I would be eating them for days in rush to use them up before they go bad. And in that case, what's the difference between me buy pre-sliced peppers, and me slicing the peppers and having the last of them sit around my fridge?

Anyway, what Bourdain said, put me in an ism-tizz. It felt like a slam against homecooks (who are usually women). It came off as classist (sorry that prechopped onion buyer rushed into the grocery store during her drive home from work, in between stopping at the daycare center and the post office, then started cooking her low-brow working class dinner the second she walked in the door.) And all in all, it just felt like a case of Bourdain applying his values to other people's circumstances.
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First off, the butler has been deported.

Second off, I feel like wanking about last night's Raw. That stoopid stip where any wrestler who touched a NXTy would be suspended, and that's what kept everything from going to fisticuffs? Really? Really Steph? Really?

Because M. Hardy hasn't been blowing off a suspension handed to him from Vince for the past month? Because all the faces value a paycheck over doing the right thing? Austin would have taken the suspension. Foley would have taken the suspension. Al Snow would have taken the suspension. U CANT SUSPEND US ALL RITE!

I think it's a true sign of how truly fuxxored WWE is that during all these beatdowns, not a single chant for a face (or heel) has erupted. Way too go, E.
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Even though I loved Inglorious Basterds, I've stayed the Hell away from any online fan discussion because I knew if I saw any Shoshanna/Fredrick shipping I would flip my lid.

It has shown up on Fandom!secrets and there's a comm for it.

Le Ment.
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ZZ Top, really Steph? Really?
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So I wasn't going to do it. Wasn't going to look up Melusine fanfic because I'm only halfway through the last book and I didn't want to get spoiled the main strength of the book is the clever writing (gossip ferments, and the made-up "mikkary" is awesome) which fanfic rarely delivers on, but curiosity got the best of me.

Sigh. Stupid curiosity.

The fanfic started out with Felix apologizing for a coughing fit. "I'm sorry," he says. And then there is whole run of "Don't be", "But I am", "No, you can't help it", "I'm so sorry" dialogue. Books 2, 3, and 4's wangst subplot hinges on Felix's inability to apologize for anything ever. FOR ANYTHING EVER. Are we reading the same damn series?


May. 7th, 2009 05:02 pm
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M. Hardy out-assholed himself in his latest "keyboarding". Each sentence found new ways to disappoint me. He calls himself a Martyr.

I guess because he sacrifices himself? Too many wrestlers (matt included)buy into this idea too much, and I'm becoming disillisioned by it. We (wrestling fans) buy into this myth because wrestlers are our heroes and because the spirit of the idea is true, and anyone with an ounce of empathy is going to feel a twinge or more when thinking of how much a wrestler's body gets trashed and how they're never home.

But we ignore that it's something they've chosen and the majority of them receive more than enough compensation (and I'm not speaking solely of money here. Lots of things can fulfill an ego). And I'm tired of the angsty specialness they attach to it. How many poor suckers are injured in crappy warehouse accidents? How many people working a disgusting 6.15 an hour clerk job at a convenience store get shot in robberies? I'm not trying to belittle the pain wrestlers endure, and I'm not trying to build a debate over who's agony is teh_worstevar. My point is wrestlers aren't the only ones with painful jobs, and they get far more compensation (financial and otherwise) than Average Joe.

Maybe it's because I'm one of the "keyboarders" being mocked, but I resent wrestler's attitude toward internet fandom. I get where they're coming from; I agree most smarks/pundits are idiots, assholes or both. I am frustrated by how righteous wrestlers feel in attacking them. Other athletes get their performances critiqued on news shows, in newspapers, in magazines. ESPN and Sports Illustrated may not be high art, but they are respected in their genres. The shit that gets said about other athletes is 1254774x worse, and it's accepted much more often as a valid assessment (rather an opinion).

And, lamely (really, really, lamely) I think I could have laughed off/ignored most of this, if in the rest of the post, Matt hadn't come off as a)petty as fuck, b)whiney, c)petty as fuck, d) spoiled brat, e) petty as fuck, f)epic flounc-y, g)petty as fuck, h)crazy, the for real kind, i) petty as fuck.

He gets laid a lot, but still uses the word "manhood" earnestly. Whether he means his dick or his machismo Idk;dc. Bragging about pussy and talking shit about people from high school. On the Internet. Grow up, Matt. Geez.

also what is this "off the leash" nonsense? You book yourself worse than Steph does. And if anyone wants to write cruel fic about M. Hardy and his Superiors, go right ahead. My fangirling needs the aid. meepies
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On Raw, MVP called Randy "Baby boy", and I got a case of hoppypants. I was all "Yes! Belittle him, negate his manhood!"

Fandom, otoh, went squish at the thought of petnames. *sulks*


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