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Snipped out of context from the Anonmeme: Is there any kind of fandom for opera?
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The Anonymous (Or Not) Advent Meme.

I'm totally riffing off of the Advent Calendar here-- those little birdhouse-lookin' calendars that have little doors for each day of December. If you're a lucky chocolate or wee presents lay behind those dated doors.

Here's how I *think* it could work: Readers leave v. simple requests, a pairing or a prompt. Secret Santaesque writers can leave daily (or not) tidbit fic for them. Nothing major (the holidays are hectic!), the drabble-est of drabbles, six-word stories, a few lines of dialogue "overheard" in an arena hallway, the fiction equivalent of a stocking stuffer.

I'm hoping the mods at All Just A Work would be interested in hosting :)
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I came home to an M. Hardy secret on FS! and RedFiona wrestlefic. Thanks internet.
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There isn't any Totally Rad Show slash. What the hey internet? It's so obivious that Jeff and Dan are together, and Alex is consumed by unrequited love for Jeff. Rule 34 people!

Moe was not into listening to me complain about this v. important gap. "I'm glad there isn't!" claimed he. I take from his voicing an opinion on that, and his lack of voicing an opinion on my other wanks that while the lack of Totally Rad Show slash is okey-dokey, the internet is indeed at fault for failing to provide sufficent Matt/Taker.

Get crackin' everyone. Moe said.
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M. Hardy busted his hand. Out 4 to six weeks. Let's hope it's the hand he shovels in the cheeseburgers with. Come back skinny healthy Precious!

With which he shovels in cheeseburgers LAWL.

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Last pestering about the kink memes out there :(

You can out-do any porn featuring the Geico money creature right?

This one only has 1 reply. How sad! of course, that means that nearly everyone who asked, didn't bother to also give.... Help wrestling fiction help itself. Post a (serious, plz) really kinky request, and watch me delightedly marvel that our fandom can go wilder than Insurance company mascots, virginfic, and cuddling.
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Cody, Ted, and Manu on London fic. GIVE IT TO ME.


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