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Filming has begun on Game of Thrones. askdjfaslkdjfaslkdfjlakdjflakdsjfyay. V. Delighted with Sean Bean as Ned Stark. V pleased with who they cast as Littlefinger. Not happy with Bronn. The actor seems too old, too blond.

Moe and I used to joke about casting wrestlers as GoT characters. Bronn is totes CM Punk, not Rutger Hower Lite.
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I'm on book 2 of the A Song of Ice and Fires series. It's balls awesome. Noble people doing the right thing even when they don't want to and getting totally screwed over because of it; jerks who are seriously sadistic; jerks who are jerks because that's their culture; classism! elitism! badass swordplay; manor houses with catchphrases (winter is coming; we do not sow); assholes nursing old hurts and manpain; icky, dreary living conditions.

I cannot wait for the HBO series next year(zomg, Boromir is that you?). Big ass fandom, please. I've been lonely for too long.


Sep. 27th, 2009 07:32 pm
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Got my D&D on this afternoon, and the ending bummed me out. One of the troubles I have with gaming is that I often seize on an unimportant plot point and follow it to its fruitless dead-end (see also the way I recap wrestling shows). This time, while the city was in chaos, I mentioned a couple of time that I was looking for my friend, Heaven's Needle. The GM ignored me so I figured fruitless! I went and rescued the princess instead. My buddy ended up getting killed by a mob. I should have protected him. Meepies.

Stupid princess turned out to be a fake anyway. Dumb witches and their dumb enchantments.
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Ahhh. Nothing like getting your nerd on D&D-style on a sunny summer day. My dice were cursed by Steph (size-12 cloak of ROONING). Something unimportant going on, watch me role a 20. Time to magic bolt the pants off some bad guys--- look at my giant, worthless 3. I found a magic bear rug that was really Spirit Bear Armour, and no one believed me! They yelled at me for taking that dead guy's rug. Moe had to back me up. It's okay to steal when it's a magic item, sheesh.

Nerding is also an excuse for junkfood. I ate a Ritz the size of my hand. Ranch was available for dipping; I declined. Hear that, Precious?
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-Workspace Musical Chairs. My office was only the beginning, a billion other people got shuffled too. Some upgraded, some downgraded, and hooray! I'm in the cool corridor for once. Because we are nerds in general, and number nerds in particular, we decided to call our offices by the countries they would be located if we had a giant map of the world on our roof. And because that was not nerdy enough, we also have given each other nicnames created out of ill-informed knowledge of said countries.

-Proof I take my writing way too damn seriously: http://community.livejournal.com/fandomsecrets/271073.html?#cutid1

There is a secret about tvshow/miniseries/idunknow featuring the Tudors. The costume Henry is wearing is exactly what I pictured Matthew wearing in The Prince. I squeaked, guys. Squeaked. I'm that lame. aren't barely-covering-the-cock-barely-laced-britches hot tho?

-It's Super Thursday. Spn, Spstarz. Impact needs to call itself Super Impactful.


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