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Ugh, today's been a hot mess and I just barked at two campaign volunteers who showed up on my doorstep. Beyond the basic humanity fail, I tripped over one of my own lines in the sand: that treating the woman in front of you with respect and kindness is equally as important than learnin' everyone on yet another way women are getting shunted to the side.

Long, shameful story short. Two campaign volunteers come to our door, and want to speak with Moe, and I'm like "my opinion doesn't matter?" and the lady is like, "sure. but we want to speak with [Moe]."

and I'm like, so only the dude's voice from this house matters?

and she's all, his name is on our list.

Me *walks away*

So, now my day is still a hot mess, and I've got bonus self-made basic decency fail. Casual disregard of other people: I want to be better than that.
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Is tax season over yet?
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Though there's still tomorrow, and this week has fangs.

It's been pretty miserable. Lots of hits to the ego, unexpected ones and wow, they killed me. So I had a good mope on Weds (and I was rewarded with another ego-smackdown). Thursday and Friday, I went on a good deed spree. Delivering food to homebound seniors means lots of sulking time for reflecting in the car while listening to cheesy music.

No grand goals or newfound joy came from the reflecting, but I've sort of made my peace with the problems. Well, not super at peace because I feel like I'm resigning myself to something less than what I want. But, right now less-than-what-I-want is all I got so I have to figure out how to make it work for the short term. I'm disappointed, but I'll move on.

In happier news, I bought a wee Christmas tree. Moe has to go into the office this weekend, so I'm looking forward to more sulking time for reflecting with the lights off, the tree lit up, cheesy christmas songs, a cup of tea and maybe, a pumpkin cookie or two.
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Today was failure compounding on failure. Trashy failure, no less, as the inciting incident was the realization I forgot to pay my cc bill. I'm too embarrassed to go into the comedy of errors, and now I feel like I fail at life and I'm a big, fat failure turtle.

I am home, and Moe brought pizza. Let the carb-induced circle of despair spin all night.


Nov. 21st, 2009 11:21 am
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The most wretched realization to a writer: continuity error

Le sigh. Six lousy pages of porn, and I managed a continuity error. One so big it requires a major re-imagining of the ending--- the ending I already once totally gutted and re-wrote from the blank page up. Third time's the charm, right? Right? Tell, me right?

Onto to draft # 27 or something.
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I will share a story about TV.

One year for Easter, the Bunny was especially generous, and my basket had a Cadbury egg. Now, kids, this was when those badboys were still novel, and that egg was pure SWANK. Anyway, throughout the week, I ate the other lesser candies, saving my egg for Friday to eat while watching the Dukes of Hazard.

Between supper and the Dukes, I went outside to play. 5 minutes to 8, I stop by to get my egg, and MY BASKET IS EMPTY.


At my freak-out, my dad 'fessed up. Abandoned property, he said. He thought I didn't want it, what with all the other candy being gone. Even the grass was gone. And my egg was gone because MY DAD ATE IT.


Sep. 27th, 2009 07:32 pm
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Got my D&D on this afternoon, and the ending bummed me out. One of the troubles I have with gaming is that I often seize on an unimportant plot point and follow it to its fruitless dead-end (see also the way I recap wrestling shows). This time, while the city was in chaos, I mentioned a couple of time that I was looking for my friend, Heaven's Needle. The GM ignored me so I figured fruitless! I went and rescued the princess instead. My buddy ended up getting killed by a mob. I should have protected him. Meepies.

Stupid princess turned out to be a fake anyway. Dumb witches and their dumb enchantments.


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