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Matt was arrested for DWI on Sat. He's lucky cash-n-pussy isn't an offense or there wouldn't be any bail big enough.
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The Precious, toad-like more often than not on his Twitter, generally causes me to -___- his posts. Then he has to go and Twitter: I got some food for my Dad & we ate at his kitchen table.

Sweetie pie.
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The Precious has taken to posting pics of his 17 daily meals on Twitter. His Fuddruckers meal made me wrinkle my nose and shout "Precious!"*. Anyway, at work today, I was rooting through the coupon pile, and I found one for Fuddruckers. For a mere 30 bucks, you can get 6 burgers seasoned with fudd spice. FUDD SPICE. Precious!

I feel I should have a Matt and Shane Wear Size 12 tag because really, they and Shannon Moore had a drunken, carb-crammed weekend together, and the only mostly-naked, passed out pics that surface are of Shannon. Precious!

* though I cannot help but applaud the use of both chopped and sliced red onions. His gluttony has its moments of pure genius.

Hardy envy

May. 31st, 2009 12:34 pm
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Le sigh. Jeff's Twitters are absolutely dreamy. M. Hardy's read like badfic. One badfic in particular*. Posts that aren't about fires or Kingz of Leon lyrics are either what's he's going to eat, is eating or has eaten.

The worst part. He eats soup and I am enchanted by it. How sweet. Soup. He is supposed to be on probation! There is no being beguiling with corn chowder! Probation.

omg guys. soup. how sweet.

*most recently I guessed ice cream; they had Chinese yet again. They don't even leave the house for food anymore. Young Mr. Rhodes hauls it in. He puts the Cody in codyependent.
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M. Hardy was quite mobile on Raw. Yes, hippity-hoppity and all sorts of wigglepants-inducing jumping about.

The new Spandex has a key motif. I ignore it! I like pretending it's his "cyborg from the future" pants. Go, go Gadget penis!

The pirate jacket doesn't necessarily match the pants, unless one stretches logic to the breaking point and goes with a key+pirate = treasure assumption. I do not care, however. I LIKE IT.

If only he'd go with the two braids look for that hair of his. Tragically, I found out via the Dueling Diaries that Matt has his hair professionally done. If that is all a professional can do, then perhaps the Precious should invest in hats. Not pirate-y or trucker or wicker... perhaps, a hat is not the answer. BRAIDS ARE THE ANSWER. Two of them.
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Thanks for the big panties, YesD! They could not have come at a better time, as Moe and I had heapin' helpings of Valentine's Chinese food and ice cream.

Watching wrestling in HD is hard work. First off, signs in the nosebleeds are readable. If I don't read them, how will I ever know if Aiden made it to the show or not, whether or not Justin is gay, and who is Batista's girl ( that Twig sure gets around).

Then there is the boner issue. An episode of Smackdown has more junk jiggling around than a flea market during an earthquake.

Skin of all areas, really, has become a concern of mine. Randy Orton has facial pores big enough to put a fist through. Edge has lots of random hairs. Jericho looks like he has pink eye. M. Hardy has surprizingly clear skin. Out of anyone, given the state of his hair and his diet of cheeseburgers, cheap liquor, and stuff licked from wrappers laying around the food court, I figured he'd have a certain bumpy shine in HD. Not so! and I am overjoyed.

And finally, there is too much bad lipgloss on everyone. Magenta does not suit the Big Show. Magenta does not suit Shane McMahon. Magenta does not work for Chavo. Buy better make-up!

M. Hardy was flinging the poo at a "Hooligan" in his Myspace. First I was giddy because I thought he was taking shots at Shannon Moore. Then I got scared because I thought it might be not-so-subtle build for a return for Shannon. Eef. Then I thought he meant Ashley. THEN I remembered that Paul London and Spanky used be called something with the word "hooligan" in it. I googled "Paul London interviews" and I hit paydirt.

Paul London hates him some Matt Hardy. Called him a piece of shit and fat and ugly and jealous of Jeff. Claimed Matt once told on him for swearing in catering. He also called Evan Bourne "A circus of gay".


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