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Oh, M. Hardy. Come on.
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Man, do I dislike Google Chrome. No, no, no, I don't need a favorites bar. I'd much rather import it somewhere inconvenient to access. Oh, and the 1,458 step for adding a favorite process? It's as fun and satisfying as downloading video via modem.

But, it makes flash games play like a dream.

Anyway, YesDrizella asked me the other day which TV shows I watch. I left out of two new loves. Shame on me! Community and Parks&Rec. Community has always been fun, but this season-- other than Annie always in soft focus/Vaseline cam shots- is pure genius. Other than the Britta bashing.

Parks & Rec is like the made-for-TV, after-school-special in which ugly, awkward girl trying to fit in of Season 1 was transformed into a funny, ballsy chick loving the Hell out of her life. While I didn't like the Leslie/Ben ender, the show made me get all teary-eyed. Tom, the skeesy, on-the-make character "invented" a new liquor. He hosted a party at his club, and everyone got trashed. Then his boss found out, decided that he either had to give up his day job or his stake in the liquor (because he used government time and resources to promote it). He sold his shares and lost his dream. The next day, another co-worker (total curmudgeon) sends him a gift box containing a bottle of the booze, and the word ONWARD! carved into the lid.

I ached during that scene. How awesome would be to have someone caring about your dreams like that?

I was in the world's snarliest mood yesterday. Mostly due to work on Friday. There isn't a Flocked post long enough, I swear.

I tried to go to a garage sale, and my Nav system was like IDK WHERE THAT IS. And I was like, "I'm asking you, fucker!" and it's all, "Do you mean White Bees Knees, Indiana?" and I'm like "No, dipshit. Why would I do to a garage sale in Indiana?" and the navsys is like "What's a garage sale?"

Then, I lugged all our big heavy quilts to the laundry mat for a hearty, spring wash in the fancy machines only to find out that the laundry mat had closed. For good. Now I left with the choice of unwashed quilts or spending a few hours in the SCARY laundry mat.
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Oh Wishtheworst. I tried to wince in sympathy. I tried, I swear. The rooning, my God, the rooning. It's metric size 12. But, the laughing has since bubbled up.

7/15/2011. All will be butterscotchy and Dwighty.
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Guess my reaction when I found who will be Matt Hardy's mystery partner:

2. Ick.
3. Iiiiiiiiiiick.
4. *cack* hairball
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Nothing like waking up to a series of "fuck you"s
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As I was cramming a potato chip into my maw, I pulled up a Matt!twitpic of his dinner: grilled fish, carrots, broc, and mushrooms.
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Moe watching the Edge's surgery: How come there's no footage of your boy getting his gastronomic bypass?
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I guess if my intestines were exploding through my abs, the last thing I'd be inflicting on them is a 3-pound burger with all the fixin's. Also, I maybe wait longer than a day and a half after surgery before boozing. And lastly, whether or not I was mixing pain meds and booze, I'd have the brains not to post photographic evidence on Twitter.

Geez, Precious, geez. You make it so hard to fangirl.
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Omg. Wishtheworst. Where are you? I need you to stop me from making a Troll!Twitter.

Matt wrote: One. More. Day. Time to go eat lunch.. And do my mandatory 1st of the month entrepreneur accounting, haha..

And I so want to reply: R U on foodstamps too?

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I so wanted to post a blog at work yesterday: To Hell with this. Let's get ice cream.

The weather has been gorgeous, and I've been outside playing. Tich of a tan, to boot.

Real life is still being real-lifey. I've about had it. I've also had it with other people's attitudes about it. I hate the notion that doing something by yourself = has no life, while doing that same exact thing with someone, in particular a partner = OMG REAL LIFE. Or that me writing (aka being creative) = no life because I do it by myself, yet going with a group of people to a theatre to passively consume media =OMG REAL LIFE.

I dunno. I guess this is residue from my childhood as a weirdo in a small town. Growing up, my choices for entertainment often times came down to seeing movie A which I wasn't really interested in but the other kids wanted to see, or movie B which I really, really wanted to see but no one else did. I learned real quick that if I wanted to see or do stuff I wanted, I'd have to do them alone.

I'm super offended by the recent streak of "Get a life old fans" on Fandom Secrets. It's not that I don't believe widening one's world is a good thing (if anything, more exercize!), but the message isn't Go Out And Find The World On Your Own; it seems to be instead: Get Married and Have Babies.

Which, again, marriage (I LOVE MOE LOTS AND LOTS) and babies aren't terrible things either, unless that marriage and those babies are your entire life. I have friends who became that way and it's scary. No hobbies, no nothing else to fall back on, these people get hypersensitive about every aspect of their partner and their kids. Their lives dwindle down to Dora repeats and trips to the grocery store.

It would drive me nuts if Moe placed his entire sense of self on me. I doubt Moe would want the burden of me on him 24/7. I don't get this urge by society to do just that.


Now, wrestling!

Naked Matt Stryker. Yummo and NSFW: http://www.tabloidprodigy.com/?p=2322#more-2322

Each Monday I wish more and more that M.Hardy had stayed on Smackdown. SD is a trillion times better and 100% Batista free. Even if he is still on probation (Twitter will likely extend this), I want him in storylines with a soon returning Taker

Kennedy got fired. I liked him lots when he first showed up. The Roid Hypocrisy soured me on him. He kept getting injured, they made him a face and I couldn't be assed to care. Good luck in The Mick Foley Is Angry And Judgemental About Yet Another Person's Behavior Variety Hour(s) TNA.

A co-worker I don't particularily care for got a promotion. I have decided to think of it as a "pro-mo"tion. This helps me deal kindly with the fact that she will be nearby all the time which is wretched because she has a super, annoying voice.
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I broke my toe. The bruises are super grody and they travel. First the bruise covered the skin between the nail and the toe-knuckle, then it became 3 smaller bruises, then two splotchy bruises over the whole toe. This morning it was back near the near and a humongo buddy of a bruise decorated my upper foot. Now it's the toe tip, and stripes of bruise. Stay put!

Of course this creeps me out. Not the broken toe, but the wandering bruises. CLEARLYIT'SBLOODCLOTSANDI'MGOINGTODIE.

Geez, Raw blew last night.

M.Hardy has had two skinny outings in a row. He is still on probation.


May. 7th, 2009 05:02 pm
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M. Hardy out-assholed himself in his latest "keyboarding". Each sentence found new ways to disappoint me. He calls himself a Martyr.

I guess because he sacrifices himself? Too many wrestlers (matt included)buy into this idea too much, and I'm becoming disillisioned by it. We (wrestling fans) buy into this myth because wrestlers are our heroes and because the spirit of the idea is true, and anyone with an ounce of empathy is going to feel a twinge or more when thinking of how much a wrestler's body gets trashed and how they're never home.

But we ignore that it's something they've chosen and the majority of them receive more than enough compensation (and I'm not speaking solely of money here. Lots of things can fulfill an ego). And I'm tired of the angsty specialness they attach to it. How many poor suckers are injured in crappy warehouse accidents? How many people working a disgusting 6.15 an hour clerk job at a convenience store get shot in robberies? I'm not trying to belittle the pain wrestlers endure, and I'm not trying to build a debate over who's agony is teh_worstevar. My point is wrestlers aren't the only ones with painful jobs, and they get far more compensation (financial and otherwise) than Average Joe.

Maybe it's because I'm one of the "keyboarders" being mocked, but I resent wrestler's attitude toward internet fandom. I get where they're coming from; I agree most smarks/pundits are idiots, assholes or both. I am frustrated by how righteous wrestlers feel in attacking them. Other athletes get their performances critiqued on news shows, in newspapers, in magazines. ESPN and Sports Illustrated may not be high art, but they are respected in their genres. The shit that gets said about other athletes is 1254774x worse, and it's accepted much more often as a valid assessment (rather an opinion).

And, lamely (really, really, lamely) I think I could have laughed off/ignored most of this, if in the rest of the post, Matt hadn't come off as a)petty as fuck, b)whiney, c)petty as fuck, d) spoiled brat, e) petty as fuck, f)epic flounc-y, g)petty as fuck, h)crazy, the for real kind, i) petty as fuck.

He gets laid a lot, but still uses the word "manhood" earnestly. Whether he means his dick or his machismo Idk;dc. Bragging about pussy and talking shit about people from high school. On the Internet. Grow up, Matt. Geez.

also what is this "off the leash" nonsense? You book yourself worse than Steph does. And if anyone wants to write cruel fic about M. Hardy and his Superiors, go right ahead. My fangirling needs the aid. meepies
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Friends, Romans, countrymen,fen, writers of MarySue fic lend me your ears; I come to bury a misconception, not to praise it. The evil that bad writings do lives after them; The good is oft interred somewhere on abandoned websites and dead mailing lists.

So let it be with the name Rain/Raine/Rayne.

Oh Writers of MarySue fic, the name Rain/Raine/Rayne does not grant anyone powers over the weather. I can offer proof:

a)No one worships me as a god.

For I am petty, easily flattered, and prone to forgetfulness. If the name rain/raine/rayne allowed any sort of weather-controlling, I would use that power to fuck with you. Ex-boyfriends' homes would be awash with floodwaters; Kansas City would know only humidity and dread; poor, poor little weird countries in Europe like San Marino or Andorra-- no one ever remembers to think of you.

b)episodes of Raw, Smackdown, ECW, and the four, new nightly programs co-sponsored by everyone would have announcing by Micheal Cole which would sound pretty much like this:

Cole: It looks like Taker's 8-year reign of senseless terrorizing of Matt Hardy is about to finally end as Matt climbs to the top rope to--- Oh, shit! Not another tornado!!

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Mr. McMahon/The Geico Money Creature. Really? Really Anonymous Kink meme? Really?

Am I missing the whole goddamn anonymous point by getting supremely irritated and posting about it? Am I violating the safe-placeness of the whole idea--- is there any difference between outrage at this and outrage at golden showers and/or outrage at one of my precious kinks?

I'm also wankily disappointed that 75% of the comments aren't stories or requests, just "Zomg, its so obvious who U R, lol." The mod has had to make additional posts, explaining the esoteric concepts of "anonymous" and "kink", and reminding one and nearly all that "anonymous" and "kink" are necessary components of a kink meme.

Geez, fandom, geez.

You decide

Feb. 28th, 2009 09:36 am
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I shit bolt up right

[ ] Funniest typo ever.

[ ] This is how a beta helps.

[ ] Can't figure out the mechanics of that.


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