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Pretty sure this is the first time in my life I've a seen the same movie twice in a first-run theater.

My original opinions pretty much stand: Black Widow is awesome, the action is superfly, it probably should have been two movie-- one of unstoppable evil Winter Soldier with hints at him being more than he seems, and one of redeeming Bucky (a third, mostly of WS Showering and having angsty flashbacks seems necessary too though I don't know how reconcile dick shots and pg-13) and the Taking Our Freedoms is Bad Mkay message is heavy-handed and diluting itself by trying to appeal to all sides of the ideological fence. Additionally, I struggle with the unquestioning certainty of American Freedom(s). We have a lot of work on that front too, and it's just a weirdly tangled up in shitty stuff as it is in other countries.

However, heavy-handing message aside, I love the story. So much agency for everyone, so many bad decisions biting everyone in the ass, so much punishment not fitting the crime. The story got better (for me) on the second watch, sadder and creepier.

Pierce. Holy Hell. To listen to his conversations with Fury and Captain America on the second go-round, to hear how he manipulates every single exchange, the constant sniffing for information with the most seemingly small-talkish questions, the way he says stuff knowing how those words will be heard... the conversation with Captain America in Pierce's office after Fury's death is so manipulative and threatening and wrong.

My reactions to some of the conversations on the second go-round unsettled me. I went into the movie intent on paying attention to action and the beats. On the first watch, I wasn't super impressed with a lot of dialogue-- most of the jokes are meh, everyone is too nice, the big line "Who the hell is Bucky?" felt flat to me--- yes, I know it's from the comic, but I also feel the Winter Soldier doesn't jibber-jabber with his targets. (though, I can buy some other response from WS because reading reactions is a matter of self-preservation for him, and Cap gave him a too-honest reaction to ignore, but that is a 1258742145235 word post for another time; along with The Chair Scene Why Fangirls Are Interpreting It Wrong And What I Have to Say About That).

Anyways, the action. Maybe it's my lack of movie viewing showing, but the action makes me gaga. Everywhere I expected X, I got Y+. When WS rips the steering wheel out of Sam's hands, holy cats. Logically, I know it plays into a huge fear of mine (drowning in my car after it goes off a bridge. I live by lots of lakes and icy roads.), but what an efficient way of compromising your targets. Lots of competency-- especially from secondaries, one of my favorite bits was Sam on the bridge taking potshots at baddies--- wasn't using his wings, wasn't being a superhero, he was just a dude doing the right thing with his skill set.

And I like how simple-- very cool and stylized and amped and brutal, but simple-- a lot of the action was. How the characters planted their weight, block shots, reacted to counter-strikes, all of it simple and elegant and fun to watch.
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Have a writing class this morning, got to the joint a little early so I could plunk down some words. All the tables near the outlets are taken up by people reading magazines or writing in paper journals. *trombone noise*
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4/20/14: off to the theater with Moe to see Captain America - Winter Soldier.

Not cutting because who reads lj anymore.

Let's get the important point out first: Sebastian Stan is hot. I could pretend to give points to the movie's attempt at discussion freedom vs. security, but it was lame, heavy-handed, and trying to appease everyone's politics. I could start with the awesomeness of the chicks... because competent without apology is my kinda thing. Also Natasha's badass moment of "the best defense is a good offense" is my new favorite gunfight moment ever. But, let's face it. It's still chicks having to carve out moments of awesome in some dude's story, and I'm in a bit of sulk over what could have been the Awesome Surprise Tough Lady was just Natasha in disguise.

So, I'm defaulting to swoon. Sulky, dark-haired dude with 90's hair and a star-stamped uniform, plus bonus tragic past pasted on yay. Yay.
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According to Subway, it is "Subtember". In celebration, write me some dirty, dirty fic.
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Dean's fashion choices are still lamentable. However, Daddyissues!Punk gives me ALL THE WIGGLEPANTS.

C'mon now

Aug. 17th, 2013 11:59 am
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Bad hair.
Black t-shirt.
No vest.
Belted above the navel, dad-jeans.
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Oh Dean. First the haircut that looks as though it done by someone who drools. Then, the switch from a white t-shirt to black. Le mentz.
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Over on AO3: Fighting Chance by Glitterdune

Dark, but well-written. I stuck with it even though a character "sobbed". Go read.

I really, really hope "Glitterdune" isn't the new name of someone I know
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Googled pics of Dean Ambrose. Have seen the chained throat pic, the emo-in-a-hoodie pics, more kevlar vest pics than I can shake a girl boner at, and the white t-shirt, thick belt pic.

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So I'm sitting through Kane vs Rybeck, waiting on the appearance of The Shield. I get my Shield appearance, fine and dandy, and as I pause to reflect upon my budding Dean Ambrose fangirling (he's more blonde than not, wtf, and he looks like he's never willingly read a book; apparently I am sucker for kevlar vests and damp hair), John Cena's music hits.
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Hey ROH,

While I'm always a fangirl sucker for an Evil Coalition Bent on Destroying a Company, and moreso when their leader is tubby and mean, (and LOL DOMINO... DOMINO GUYS LOL), I feel I must restate Opera Plot Point Number One. I like M. Hardy as a face*.

*yeah, yeah yeah. So not worthy of being graced with face status; still wrestles like his shoes are too small.
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First off, you should know Chobani Fig and Orange Zest yogurt is one of the most delicous foods on this planet.

Second off, last night I had a fun meta-y discussion with someone from my writers' group. It was sparked by me grumping about how I've soured on fantasy lately (I go very hot and cold on the genre) because it seems like every book I pick up is about a character being The Best Whatever, and I don't really care about the best. I care about the 8th Best trying to stumble through life as best as he or she can.

Anyway, the convo last night made me really, really, really miss fandom and deep thinking on shallow subjects. Stupid fannish migration to social media dominated by gifs and 140 characters.
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Swagger's haircut is trending on Twitter* #combover.

* I have no idea. I just like mocking WWE dialogue
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Moe and I got HBO for Game of Thrones. Oh, but its given so much more. DEADWOOD YOU GUYS OMG.

My current favorite thing ever. What other TV show lets you play a drinking game with "Cocksucker"?

And, you would think I'd be all over Ian McShane and Timothy Olywigglephants. I am, slightly. BUT SWEET EVERYTHING, I am gaga about Jane/Joanie. WHY IS THE SHOW DENYING ME JANE/JOANIE. Everything else is perfect. Costumes, corsets, hats, shy shopkeepers, rough-spoken frontier dudes, mafia, evil men, shady dealings, idiots, whiskey, canned peaches, muddy streets, dandy-dressed bad guys, fiesty chicks (when alma's response to "you're lucky you didn't get what you deserved" was "Why exactly would I *deserve* to get raped?" it was all I could do not to stand up and fist pump), striped stockings, suspenders, Bobby's ancestor (where are the cross-overs,) omigosh Deadwood/Firefly crossovers, Brad Dourif, tea in china cups, WOO: American Bad Ass, the way Jane barely holds on from minute to minute.


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