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Ugh, today's been a hot mess and I just barked at two campaign volunteers who showed up on my doorstep. Beyond the basic humanity fail, I tripped over one of my own lines in the sand: that treating the woman in front of you with respect and kindness is equally as important than learnin' everyone on yet another way women are getting shunted to the side.

Long, shameful story short. Two campaign volunteers come to our door, and want to speak with Moe, and I'm like "my opinion doesn't matter?" and the lady is like, "sure. but we want to speak with [Moe]."

and I'm like, so only the dude's voice from this house matters?

and she's all, his name is on our list.

Me *walks away*

So, now my day is still a hot mess, and I've got bonus self-made basic decency fail. Casual disregard of other people: I want to be better than that.
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I used some variation of "slop" 5 times in a 7-page draft. Verb, adverb, adjective, adjective, adverb.

No crime in slopping up a draft mucking up a draft, and hooray! for noticing the repetitions. But, it's like pulling fingernails trying to make myself swap out those 5 "slop"s. I <3 them all.
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Shameful admission time.

Okay, so on Raw just now. They re-capped the flippy, limber history of the Gobbley Gooker, and for seeming no reason at all, it came out to time-keep during the Oh-No-Not-Offensive women's match. Post-match, Melina was attempting a giggly face interview, and GG was skipping and parading in the background and for some dumb reason, my brain decided OMG, John Morrison is in that suit and he's gonna propose to her on TV omg yay.

Why did my brain go there? Why did I get so insty invested in the idea. If anyone else posted this, I would MOCK. I'm mocking myself right now.

Geez, self geez. What's next, babyfic?

Thank sweet everything, that it was Maryse in the costume, and when she finally managed to strip out of it, she was showing lots of pert buns. That got me thinking right again.


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