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First off, the butler has been deported.

Second off, I feel like wanking about last night's Raw. That stoopid stip where any wrestler who touched a NXTy would be suspended, and that's what kept everything from going to fisticuffs? Really? Really Steph? Really?

Because M. Hardy hasn't been blowing off a suspension handed to him from Vince for the past month? Because all the faces value a paycheck over doing the right thing? Austin would have taken the suspension. Foley would have taken the suspension. Al Snow would have taken the suspension. U CANT SUSPEND US ALL RITE!

I think it's a true sign of how truly fuxxored WWE is that during all these beatdowns, not a single chant for a face (or heel) has erupted. Way too go, E.
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Because of the Christmas sulk rush, I forgot to snark about a "cookie" I was introduced to this season--- a pretzel ring through which a Rollo has been crammed. Atop that Rollo sits an M&M.

I don't know what they are called. I dubbed them Fattlardies.
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M. Hardy's latest twit: Me, Curly, & Shannon chowing down at Cheesecake Factory for ShanMo' s B-Day!
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Final Girl Daphne Gottleib.

I liked Why Things Burn, this not so much. Either she was taking the easy route or I was missing the point of the poems. WTB felt gutsy to me, fresh takes on universial subjects. FG felt sorta " is bad mmmkay" ish. The poem about dressing mom's corpse got me. The rest, especially the whiny, post-sex stuff, never lilted for me.

Spices - a global history Fred Czarro.

My interest in food history has wanned, and this wasn't a good read anyway. Too broad, a lot of the writing read 8th grade essayish. It dealt only with 5 spices, and Fred never explained why he picked those 5. Pepper I can see. But cloves? Perhaps my white-trash cooking skills are to blame here, but it seems like there are more important spices in the world than cloves. Also, I thought chili peppers were a vegetable. Ending the book was a creepy, 60's-style praise of the industrial spice complex.

The Mirador and Corambis Sarah Monette

Oooh. The Mirador rocked. At first, I thought I was going to hate it. There's a spoiler in the back blurb that I thought would have worked better as a surprize. "Omigod, Tabby's a spy for the Bastion!"

The Worldbuilding is awesome. Monette does great work with showing the city through the POV characters (there's 3)eyes. They have unique angles and the description was fun.

Felix's voice improves as well. Throughout the first 2 books, we're told he's snarky and witty and intelligent and cutting, but we never really see it. Granted, he's mad in the first book and healing in the second, but it was still way more tell than show, and the little bits of show we did get were lame examples. In the third, Monette found Felix's snark. I can't remember the lead-in dialouge, but there's a run where Felix replies to someone's attempted snark with "Yes, rather.' and it's OOOH BURN. (lame example is lame, sorry)

The bad guys also improve. Less heel for story's sake and more heeling because that's how they choose to get things done.

Sadly, the awesome that was The Mirador gets fumbled with Corambis. At this point, Felix and Mildmay have been sent into exile, and I was so trusting Monette and her mad worldbuilding skillz. They head to Corambis which is dealing with a bit of rebellion. The rebels are trying to awaken a death engine monster thingie buried in a maze. DeathEngine kills most of the rebels; the remaining one, Kay, is blinded and has to surrender to the jerky Duke of Glimmering. He becomes the 3rd POV. The first 3rd of the book is awesome, scary creepy steampunky fantasy. Then it all goes splat. When the sideplot monster (the Automaton of Corybant) finally shows and wants to get all up in the magic train's grill, that chapter's POV is from blind dude Kay's. And Felix takes it out with one magic bolt. A bit of a letdown.

After that, I don't know if Monette lost interest in her story or had a deadlin or what, but the damn book felt like dirge. Tons of short, jumpy chapters, like she was nano-ing the thing. Stuff was either ended too quickly (the death engine got dumped into a room that nulls magic), or left hanging completely (the point of the mammoth fossil was what?).

Felix got a little too MarySueish again. In The Mirador Tabby could have easily fell that way, but the strength of character motivation (hers and others) keep her readable and awesome. With Felix in Corambis, especially when it was Felix and Mildmay interacting, it's just felt like the whole thing was set-up to serve Felix, and not in an interesting way at all.

Corambis aside, this is one of my favorite series ever, and I 'm looking forward to reading more of Monette's work.

Wee writing ramble: When I finished books, I like to go online and read others' reviews. I was a little confused by all the readers who were surprized at the ending of Melusine the first book of the series. Basically, they happy to discover a 2nd book was in the works. I came late to the series, so I knew going in there was more than 1 book, but even in reading it, especially when I got the last 50 or so pages, I knew there was way too much stuff nowhere near being wrapped up. I don't know if I'm starting to read more as a writer or if I'm just a stickler for plot threads.

Probation tiems for m.hardy. Geez, Matt, geez. Stop posting pics of your sloppy dinners on Twitter. Also, perhaps all your trucker hat wearin' bottle blondes would stick around longer if you didn't hold them by their faces all the time. Less grabby hands, more working out. kthxbeefy?
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The Precious has taken to posting pics of his 17 daily meals on Twitter. His Fuddruckers meal made me wrinkle my nose and shout "Precious!"*. Anyway, at work today, I was rooting through the coupon pile, and I found one for Fuddruckers. For a mere 30 bucks, you can get 6 burgers seasoned with fudd spice. FUDD SPICE. Precious!

I feel I should have a Matt and Shane Wear Size 12 tag because really, they and Shannon Moore had a drunken, carb-crammed weekend together, and the only mostly-naked, passed out pics that surface are of Shannon. Precious!

* though I cannot help but applaud the use of both chopped and sliced red onions. His gluttony has its moments of pure genius.


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