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Feb. 19th, 2012 06:41 pm
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So. I've been watching Downton Abbey Like I wouldn't be totally on that )

Also totally digging Doomsday Preppers.
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It's crazy how often my reaction to a secret is usually 180 from the reactions of those who reply to it. Like, 05 from yesterday. My reaction whatev, Anon. You don't get pats and cookies for failing a Big Bang. Also, sorry about ur damn fever. Unwankfully, the replies were sincere or mod-protecting. I wanted jokes about the "Mother of All Headaches"
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Man, do I dislike Google Chrome. No, no, no, I don't need a favorites bar. I'd much rather import it somewhere inconvenient to access. Oh, and the 1,458 step for adding a favorite process? It's as fun and satisfying as downloading video via modem.

But, it makes flash games play like a dream.

Anyway, YesDrizella asked me the other day which TV shows I watch. I left out of two new loves. Shame on me! Community and Parks&Rec. Community has always been fun, but this season-- other than Annie always in soft focus/Vaseline cam shots- is pure genius. Other than the Britta bashing.

Parks & Rec is like the made-for-TV, after-school-special in which ugly, awkward girl trying to fit in of Season 1 was transformed into a funny, ballsy chick loving the Hell out of her life. While I didn't like the Leslie/Ben ender, the show made me get all teary-eyed. Tom, the skeesy, on-the-make character "invented" a new liquor. He hosted a party at his club, and everyone got trashed. Then his boss found out, decided that he either had to give up his day job or his stake in the liquor (because he used government time and resources to promote it). He sold his shares and lost his dream. The next day, another co-worker (total curmudgeon) sends him a gift box containing a bottle of the booze, and the word ONWARD! carved into the lid.

I ached during that scene. How awesome would be to have someone caring about your dreams like that?

I was in the world's snarliest mood yesterday. Mostly due to work on Friday. There isn't a Flocked post long enough, I swear.

I tried to go to a garage sale, and my Nav system was like IDK WHERE THAT IS. And I was like, "I'm asking you, fucker!" and it's all, "Do you mean White Bees Knees, Indiana?" and I'm like "No, dipshit. Why would I do to a garage sale in Indiana?" and the navsys is like "What's a garage sale?"

Then, I lugged all our big heavy quilts to the laundry mat for a hearty, spring wash in the fancy machines only to find out that the laundry mat had closed. For good. Now I left with the choice of unwashed quilts or spending a few hours in the SCARY laundry mat.
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Moe and I spent the afternoon shopping for drinking glasses. First stop was William Sonoma, which had a v.cute set but at $30 for 4, we were like, let's look elsewhere first. So after mocking the $300 toaster, we hit the mall. There aren't any housewares stores in the mall. Ok, then.

JCPenney's had seriously hideous glasses. I couldn't convince Moe to try Macy's. They have Martha Stewart's stuff! So, it was onto Pier One. Nothing good there either. All their glassware had too much going on: beads or neon stipes or scenes painted on them or giant blue elephants. No. Then we tried Home Goods, which is the tackiest store in the solar system.

We have no normal housejunk places-- Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, IKEA, etc. on this side of town so tomorrow we either travel across the river or we go to Target.


Jul. 19th, 2010 05:23 pm
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RAWR. Bath & Body Works discontinued Mentha Hair conditioners. Fuxxors. What, you don't want my $15.00?

Moar lyke Butterscotchy, Semi Turgid Cocks and Body Works.
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I used some variation of "slop" 5 times in a 7-page draft. Verb, adverb, adjective, adjective, adverb.

No crime in slopping up a draft mucking up a draft, and hooray! for noticing the repetitions. But, it's like pulling fingernails trying to make myself swap out those 5 "slop"s. I <3 them all.


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